From Boardroom to Borderless: The Benefits of Video Conferencing

Whether this is your first conference or your 200th, it’s important to be proactive in your planning to ensure that the attendees, food, schedule, and venue are all prepared for your event. Planning for a large event should begin months before the anticipated date. On top of choosing a time of year, researching the ideal venue is imperative for ensuring that your conference runs smoothly. It’s routine to look for obvious things like space availability, accessibility, and location. However, with the rapid influx of technologies in business, it’s becoming more common to also consider the technological offerings and capabilities of venues.

With the rise of technological offerings in business, the world has felt more at reach everyday. Businesses have more potential for growth than ever before, and various forms of technology are assisting in that rapid expansion. Video, in particular, and video conferencing has revolutionized the way businesses choose to expand and communicate across the globe.


Save (and Make) Money

Saving money is music to any business owner’s ears. Implementing video conferencing, video training modules, video interviews, or video-based webinars can save a substantial amount of money otherwise spent on travel, repetitive training sessions, and other extraneous costs. Utilizing video in the workplace can cut down on hiring costs. Easily keep in touch with freelance employees, reducing the cost it would take to hire a full-time in-house employee.

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Improve Flexibility

We’re not talking about yoga, although with the time saved from video conferencing, it might be time to pick up a new hobby! Before video conferencing, holding a last-minute meeting was next to impossible if important players were in remote locations. In a matter of seconds, offices from across the globe are instantly connected. Secondly, video conferencing provides an environment where more than just ideas are exchanged. Many video conferencing services and software allow for screen sharing and other features that can quickly enhance the productivity of your meeting. Choosing to integrate these forms of conferencing into your business’ routine can have a lasting effect on productivity in the workplace.


Expand Beyond Four Walls

Video conferencing often alludes to archaic images of a group of professionals gathered in a conference room with their attention directed toward a television. The reality of contemporary video conferencing rarely involves a TV. Remote conferencing can happen on a cell phone, tablet, desktop computer, laptop (think: anything with a screen). On a larger scale, video conferencing can become an effective means of communication for groups ranging from 1 to 1,000 people. With the prevalence of live streaming integrated into social networks, video conferencing can extend far beyond the corner office.

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Consumers are Familiar with Video

Video has been steadily introduced into the digital realm for the last 10 years. Consumers, business owners, and employees expect their digital capabilities at home to stretch into their workdays. The majority of consumers and workers are accustomed to consuming video on a daily basis. In that regard, most have access to video chat on their personal cell phones. It’s a lateral move to switch businesses to operate with the same technology people are used to using during their personal time. Advanced forms of technology are consistently implemented into our daily lives, however many businesses actively choose not to keep up with the times, alienating potential clients and even possible employees.

Feel More Connected with Employees and Collaborators

Multiway calling has existed for decades, however video conferencing turns over-the-phone relationships into more personal, raw, and honest connections. Body language, attentiveness, and participation can all clearly be seen and heard during a video conference, as opposed to a traditional conference call. Opting for a video conference can significantly improve the relationships with remote colleagues. Opinions and thoughts are expressed more clearly, collaborators are able to more easily express concerns, discuss ideas, and accomplish more.

Utilize Video to Connect Internationally

The internet has made the world feel significantly more accessible. Conferencing, in particular, now has the ability to reach outside a metropolitan area and can turn a boardroom into a borderless conference venue. On a larger scale, video conferencing can easily translate into large conference-like settings. Hosting a multi-day event with multiple keynote speakers can attract hundreds of eager attendees on a global scale. Before booking an event, check to see if the venue you plan to use includes technology that can handle or even facilitate streaming services.

At Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center, technology sits at the center of our conference and meeting offerings. Hotel Henry’s conference spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to film, record, stream, distribute your conference worldwide, and provide an inexpensive alternative to third party companies. Flexible meeting spaces make it easy to adjust as your conference progresses.

Learn more about Hotel Henry’s conference and meeting offerings, or contact our sales department at 716.955.1520.

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