Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center incorporates flexible, scalable, real-time event technology into one of the most innovative and transformational venues in the conference industry. The first and only facility within a 250 mile region with an in-house broadcast studio, Hotel Henry empowers event professionals to distribute and create collaboration globally at the flip of a switch. Meeting rooms are equipped with cutting-edge broadcasting and recording technology to harbor real-time international interactions. Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center streamlines an immediate and global conferencing process while reducing costs and enhancing attendee retention of material in spaces designed to facilitate fruitful collaboration.

Scalable, Adaptable Conference & Event Technology

The event spaces at Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center are hyper-flexible, with scalable bandwidth, AC11 Wave 2 Wifi, tether free breakout spaces, and broadcast quality mixed media to be screened internationally. Dedicated meeting spaces are hard-wired and designed to facilitate seamless, instantaneous international collaboration with curated technology systems and on-site event technicians. Sprawling corridors harbor communal breakout spaces designed for group work, teaching, training, and demonstrations.

Beacon technology wirelessly recognizes event guests and dispatches messaging as they traverse the property. Communicate instantaneously with attendees based on their geographical location to the event. Displays in breakout spaces and meeting rooms include monitors that connect to various projects and presentations throughout the Conference Center. Presentations are streamed from meeting spaces to breakout rooms, wireless devices, and guest room televisions for comprehensive reach to all conference attendees.

Advanced Information Retention

The high-definition recording and duplication technology embedded in Hotel Henry’s meeting spaces allow for in-depth documentation of your event with prompt distribution to on-site and virtual event attendees. Upon the completion of your meeting or conference, virtual and on-site attendees will receive a ‘digital index’ containing a complete record of your event for playback and re-reference by the participant on demand. The ‘digital index’ significantly increases attendee learning and retention to drastically boost your event’s ROI.

Digital video creation captures video content through the duration of your meeting or conference that is then manipulated and edited as required and requested. Information playback has catalyzed the event industry, allowing your meeting and conference material to be learned, re-learned, and implemented into your organization.

Speed of Information Sharing – Instant International Collaboration

Hotel Henry’s integral broadcasting systems connect to global attendees at a quality and speed unsurpassed in the event tech industry. Designed specifically for modern conferencing, the venue offers ample bandwidth for instantaneous, uninterrupted connectivity with dedicated, in-house and on-site technical support. Meeting spaces are set up to deliver immediately – all required technology is on-site and pre-tested by in-house team of event tech specialists. Long gone are the days of rushed testing, disrupted presentations, and third party equipment assembly costs.

Technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the conference enter with abundant charging stations, cutting-edge audiovisual equipment and unencumbered, high-speed wireless internet.

Drastic Expense Reduction

Imagine significantly expanding your national and global reach while radically reducing costs for your attendees. Hotel Henry’s pioneering audiovisual broadcasting technology eliminates travel and transportation expenses by 30-80%. Conferencing for business, educational and government entities now becomes more economically efficient with extended customer reach.

Digital Signage and Sustainability

With visual screens showcased across the venue, cut signage costs with inventive, remarkable digital signage that easily outshines traditional event décor. Effortlessly update your content and feature social feeds, event updates, video and more to attract the attention of your attendees. The interactive platform allows for economic, sustainable and fluid messaging.

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