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Buffalo’s Architectural Legacy: Starting a New Queen City Chapter

Much like rings on a tree trunk, Buffalo’s history is recorded through visual imprints which shape and define our experiences as a city. Architecture in the Queen City showcases the accomplishments of the “trinity of American architecture:” Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and H.H. Richardson. In large part, Buffalo’s newly found renaissance can be partially attributed to the restoration, reuse, and education surrounding many of these historic structures and architectural feats.

The Richardson Olmsted Campus combines the genius of both H.H. Richardson and Fredrick Law Olmsted; the American landscape architect known for the design of Buffalo’s parkways and park system, along with the Biltmore Estate, Central Park, UC Berkeley, and countless others. At the time, the former New York State Hospital (Richardson Olmsted Campus) was located outside of the City of Buffalo. The campus sat on multiple acres of green space and provided agrarian activities for the patients, exposure to fresh, country air, and quiet separate from the business of the city. Much of the design centered around its directional positioning to ensure maximum daylight exposure. These design features can be seen in and around Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center.

Hotel Henry Entry Vestibule

Hotel Henry the defining staple within the Richardson Olmsted Campus. It occupies roughly a third of the campus and effortlessly combines contemporary interior design with the ageless genius of Richardson’s design. Hotel Henry’s iconic visuals, seamless combination of old and new, and metaphorical gateway to the Elmwood Village, writes its own story within the campus and surrounding neighborhoods. The original structures were developed alongside the sprawling rural green space. Now, Hotel Henry seeks to reform those same intentions of local inclusivity by incorporating exploration of the surrounding neighborhoods as a part of Hotel Henry’s “urban resort.” 100 Acres: The Kitchens at Hotel Henry proudly pay homage in their namesake to the 100 acres of farmland the New York State Hospital sat upon. To delve even further into the progressive thoughts that surrounded the hospital’s inception, 100 Acres sources many of their ingredients from local farms – some even falling within a five mile radius to the grounds. Hotel Henry holds a steady nod to the past, and an equally firm commitment to the future. 

100 Acres: The Kitchens at Hotel Henry

Buffalo offers numerous historical and architecturally significant spaces ready to begin a new chapter. Buffalo’s living, breathing past offers a unique vibrancy and energy rarely seen in other cities when it comes to reclaiming historical sites. The incorporation of old and new is common, but the level of preservationism, education, and respect in which Buffalo approaches these historic spaces makes it especially unique.

Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center is proud to be a part of the vision for a new Buffalo. Visit Buffalo Niagara’s video series: Buffalo Stories showcases the places that help make Buffalo and Western New York a unique place to live, visit, and explore. We were honored to be a part of their series.


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