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100 Dining Experiences: Spicing Up Your Marriage in Buffalo, NY

This blog was written by Monaysha Laverpool, a student in Buffalo State’s Hospitality and Tourism program from the creative perspective of a fictional former hospitality writer living in Buffalo.  Hotel Henry and SUNY Buffalo State College’s Hospitality and Tourism partner together to offer a professional development site for students where they can experience firsthand operations of an upper upscale hotel and full-service restaurant.

Before my wife and I got married and had children, we would travel the world together tasting  different cuisine, visiting historical landmarks, art museums, and famous architectural work.  We were the happiest couple and did everything newlyweds would. When we returned home to   Buffalo, NY to settle down and have kids, we didn’t realize how much excitement would be lost  in the relationship.

Since we were always an adventurous couple, I had to find ways to keep our marriage alive. I love my wife and our family, and I want to continue to make her happy for years to come. She enjoys art, architecture and loves to cook. I worked at a travel agency, and they often sent me to different countries and cities to give locals a better description of what the location and experience are like at the best hotels.

Last month I decided to take my wife out on a date every week giving her a different dining experience. We don’t have much leisure time because of the kids, so nearby restaurants were our best option. We live in the Elmwood Village and have a ton of food choices nearby.

The Coffee Shop Experience

On an early morning, I decided to take her to Perks Cafe for coffee before work. We had some time to spare so we sat outside because it was a beautiful day and talked about our trip to Dubai. She enjoyed this cafe because it allowed guest and local artists to express themselves with their music, art, and photography. The cafe features aspiring artist work, and she is always looking for paintings and sculptures to put around the house

Coffee Cup

The Breakfast Experience

For breakfast, we went to Ashker’s Juice Bar & Cafe. The food was amazing, but what stood out the most was the smoothies. It reminded her of our trip to the Caribbean. It was fresh vibrant and fun, just what we needed to kick off the day. After we finished our food, we sat on the couches and continued to talk about our memories. It felt like we were out of Buffalo and at a tropical resort.

Ashker's Juice

The Albright Knox Lunch Experience

I surprised my wife at work and treated her to lunch at one of her favorite art museums. We took a tour of The Albright-Knox Gallery and topped it off with a meal at The AK Cafe. The food was delicious, and the scenery was beautiful. We sat against the museum’s impressive Sculpture Garden which gave the room a relaxing and soothing vibe. Being around so much art and culture made us remember what the foundation of our relationship was all about.

The “First Date” Experience at the Bar

Our night out at the bar was intended to spice things up even more. Instead of arriving at the location together like normal couples, I decided to have her meet me at Mr. Goodbar instead. I told her to order her favorite drink and just wait for me alone. When I arrived at the location, I sat in the back for a little just admiring her beauty. Then I asked the bartender to give her another drink complimentary of me. When the bartender did so, she responded “I didn’t order this,” and he replied “complimentary of the gentlemen in the back.” When she realized who I was, she smiled, and we continued to flirt with each other all night like we just meet.

"DRINKS" neon green sign

The Unique Dining Experience

I managed to get a babysitter and a limo this night. I wanted her to feel special as if she was on the red carpet, but comfortable enough, where she wasn’t under any pressure. I made reservations at 100 Acres: The Kitchens at Hotel Henry because it was everything she loved in one. The building is a historical landmark with fantastic architecture and unique artwork throughout the hotel that guests are free to tour.

100 Acres has a farm to table menu made from selectively sourced ingredients. Their menu continually changes to correlate with the season, creating enticing culinary dishes and experiences. The location of 100 Acres is in the middle of Buffalo’s cultural corridor, and it is great for locals, singles, and couples who need a great meal and even a staycation. My wife and I had a fantastic time, and we decided to book a room for the night. To top off the evening, I proposed again and decided we should renew our vows in one of the corridors of Hotel Henry. Our relationship hasn’t been the same since!

100 Acres: The Kitchens at Hotel Henry seating and staricase

Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center

Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center is an 88 guest room hotel with amenities like an on-site fitness center, valet parking, and an on-site full-service restaurant. It caters to brides, locals, business and leisure travelers. It is a fun, contemporary yet youthful hotel.

100 Acres: The Kitchens at Hotel Henry is an original brand restaurant that lives in Hotel Henry. The seasonal menus emphasize on selectively sourced regional products which create dishes that complement the seasons. 100 Acres is known for its unique dining experiences that give guests something new, something different and something unexpected each time.

Kim Smith Hotel Henry snow at sunset


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